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What are we ?


We are a 'Community Interest Company' (CIC), we exist primarily to benefit the community, for example people who’s quality of life would be improved by well made splints.  We are a non profit making organisation with surplus income being re-invested in the manufacture of the splints.


The brainchild of founder Nik Stanbury, we work closely with healthcare professionals across the country to create splints that combine the supportive function of a splint with the beauty of bespoke jewellery.


The benefits of our splints are that they are more durable and longer lasting than thermoplastic ones. Our vision is to create something that is a pleasure to wear.


Our precious metal splints can be plain, textured or embellished with precious gem stones, it is also possible to incorporate existing sentimental jewellery (such as an engagement or wedding ring) in to the design.


Who are we ?

Karen Ward.  Karen is a highly accomplished artist maker known for her animal portraiture.  Unusually for a two-dimensional artist she retrained 10 years ago in the three-dimensional discipline of jewellery (design) and making.  She has been trained and mentored by Julie Moss and Nik Stanbury for 7 years, developing her design and making skills whilst adding her own twist to the equation.  She joined the Beautiful Splint Company (CIC) in 2018 and continues as its sole Director supported by Nik Stanbury in a consultancy role.


Nik Stanbury BA (Hons) Phd.  Nik trained as a Designer Silversmith in London.  He gained his Phd whilst working for the Victoria and Albert museum for his research into Japanese Shakudo and Shibuichi alloys. Nik has undertaken a number of high profile commission and research studies for clients including the Swedish Royal Academy of Music, Schaffer Pens and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  His work is represented in a number of public and private collections and he has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Nik is the principle of York School of Jewellery and founded the Beautiful Splint Company Cic in 2009 and supports the company in a consultancy role. 

https://www.yorkschoolofjewellery.co.uk/  https://www.stanburyandmoss.co.uk/

Where are we ?


We are located in the historic city of York. The Beautiful Splint Company is voluntarily supported by York School of Jewellery and this support is fundamental to our operation.  Full details of how to find us are on our contact page.