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People with musculoskeletal disorders in their hands are often provided with splints by the Occupational Therapists to help to control the pain, improve functional ability and maintain joint positioning and muscle action.

However, these splints are usually made from hard thermoplastic material that tends to be bulky, has limited strength and durability, and Patients of all ages find these splints clumsy, unattractive and embarrassing. Our vision is to create splints providing the supportive function of a medical splint that are beautiful and a pleasure to wear.

Arthritis Research UK has acknowledged that there is good evidence that these small inconspicuous splints can play an important part in reducing finger, wrist, and hand pain and maintaining dexterity skills. These discreet splints can also improve a Patients wellbeing, especially when bejewelled.


This film below follows Emma, an artist who has Ring Splints made for her fingers due to hypermobility caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which has also resulted in arthritis in her finger joints.

Emma's Story

Emma's Story

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