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How does the process work ?

The process starts with a referral and a prescription form, from a suitably qualified healthcare professional (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, GP etc) followed by a face to face consultation at the workshop in York where each splint is tailor made to the specific measurements and requirement of the individual. Once complete the splint is returned to the prescribing healthcare professional who has the final responsibility for assessing and issuing the splint.

Can the measuring be done remotely ?


Unfortunately not, in order to make sure that the splint works and fits correctly, you will need to be present at the workshop in York during the making process.  For the same reason cannot accept requests from outside the UK.

Who pays for the splint/s ?


The majority of splints are privately funded by the client.  VERY occasionally other bodies such as the NHS or the client's employer may fund the splint/s.  Please be aware that this is extremely rare.  You, as the client, will almost certainly have to pay for the splint/s.

How much will it cost ?

The cost of our splints vary as each one is designed to meet specific requirements.  Some of the factors influencing the cost are complexity of design, materials used, and embellishments (e.g gem stones).  Please contact us for further information regarding this or any other query using the  details on our 'Contacts' page or by emailing thebeautiful.splintcompany@gmail.com 

The Beautiful Splint Company is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation agency. All splints produced comply with the EU Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices.