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Hitting the right note ♫

With a unique splint from The Beautiful Splint Company CIC


This unique splint hit all the right notes for a young musician with a complex requirement. Due to hypermobility and an unfortunate sporting injury to her right hand little finger, it was very difficult for Lucy to position her finger in the right place and extremely painful for her to press down on the keys of her flute. With a conventional oval eight splint it would have been almost impossible to provide the support/movement needed for these joints, however, we were able to create something unique to help this young talented flautist hit the right note again.


Lucy and her Mum came to the workshop and working with her and to the details given within the prescription form, we fashioned a beautiful and elegant splint which met all her requirements. Due to the unique styling and support given by the splint, she was now able to position, and apply pressure to the keys.

Lucy was so delighted with the support and relief from pain that this splint gave her, that she wanted to take the unfinished version home. However, that was not possible as it needed to be finished, polished and delivered to her Healthcare Professional for final sign off. 


We were pleased to hear that the splint was assessed and issued in the nick of time for Lucy to take her music exams for University entry.